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VPS Hosting and Cloud Server Hosting 7 Key Differences

Nowadays, aside from free hosting, shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and dedicated internet hosting providers, a new type of hosting called cloud server hosting has become popular. VPS and cloud internet hosting appear related at first glance. However, there are a lot of variations between these two types, in lots of features. So, if you are planning to choose any one of them for your website internet hosting, you should have a clear concept of the differences between these two kinds of hosting. So, let’s know them briefly.

VPS Hosting Vs Cloud Server Hosting

VPS Hosting

1.     Server
A VPS hosting is a server that is split into numerous parts for hosting the websites
of different customers. It’s similar to shared hosting; but, it has its own
unique characteristics. In VPS hosting, the server is large and divided into
just a few portions, where the client has great freedom to make adjustments in their portion of server allocation. However, the cloud server is different from VPS and is a cluster of multiple servers. In the cloud server, the customers utilizing multiple servers will have extra advantages such as – unlimited storage and bandwidth, load balancing, etc.

2.     Physical location
The location of VPS hosting servers is in the data center of the host or at a third-party hosting supplier, whereas a private cloud is owned by own data center of an enterprise. On this case, the clouds use the hardware for a specific cloud and never shared with different users.

3.     Flexibility
VPS gives the flexibility and freedom for the customers at very low cost. In the same way, cloud internet hosting also provides more flexibility and freedom with minimum value and efficiency.

4.     Customization
In VPS hosting, you’ll have the flexibility to install a software program, configure, customize and administrate your severe applications. However, you have only restricted rights to access the sources and customize. But, in case of cloud internet hosting, it provides extremely controllable and customizable surroundings.

5.     Security and safety
Because of virtualization, VPS internet hosting is considered to be more
protected and secure; and similarly cloud internet hosting is safe and
dependable as the data tends to be stored in separate servers in several places and data facilities. You may also get around the clock customer help with cloud internet hosting.

6.     Cost
VPS is considerably less expensive than the private cloud; because in VPS you’ll be paying just for the portion of the server you could have taken. But, in an effort to reduce the price of cloud internet hosting, it’s essential to select regular cloud internet hosting, which doesn’t designate your own server.

7.     Scalable
Scalability with cloud could be very quick, as it’s designed with management panels built with quick provisioning and deployment in thoughts. So, it’s scalable in just some minutes; whereas, in VPS hosting, in an effort to be scalable, it requires the providers to be upgraded manually with the required help and sources.

These are the few differences between VPS and cloud server internet hosting. So, select the kind of hosting that meets your website necessities.

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