Keyword Research Tools

Best Keyword Research Tools – SEO for WordPress Part – 1

In this article we are talking about free Keyword Research Tools that help you to get perfect keywords for your business.

What is keyword?

Keywords are words or phrases that search’s type into Google. You want to choose a keyword that is relevant to your products or services. So people have a better chance of finding your Business.

Let me give an example. Now if you have a Digital marketing company website. One of the keywords is “SEO company in the USA” that people search to find your business.  

They look at the first page of Google you see we have some advertisements here. Scroll down to look and you can find some Digital marketing company. These are keywords that people use to find your business.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools

The next question is how do you know which keywords people are using to actually search for your company. Well, that’s very easy. I just give you a perfect example of what you want to do is use Google to find the best keywords for your business. If I type in “best SEO company in the USA” on Google. If you scroll down to the bottom of Google’s page they will give you related keywords. Google is the best Keyword Research Tools for your website.

 Keyword Research Tools 2021

So these are the best keywords Google is showing you that these are related to your business.

We can also go to the top and let’s say if we just type as “best seo company in usa” you see that we have some related fuzzy suggestions.

Keyword Research Tools on google

So you want to go through these related searches to see which ones are relevant to your business. Now we have Digital company’ some related keywords.

These are your keywords right here. Since you want to rank it on Google you just want to look at Google to see what they are providing. So they are giving you all the related keywords and these are the words that you want to save for your website. This is the way that I do it.

This is the way that I gather keywords because this is the easiest way and it’s the most efficient. Now let’s say that you want to use it.

Google Adwords:

Well, the most popular Keyword Research Tools that a lot of people use is Google Adwords. They have to call Google keyword planner to which is right here.

Basically this Keyword Research Tools is used for advertisers but you can use it to get more details information about keywords.

I am signed in Google Adwords then go to tools menu and click on Google Keyword Planner and it’s will bring your Keyword Planner page. This is the page and one now as you can see find new keywords and get search volume data.

google Keyword Research Tools

Now type your keywords in the search box as “best SEO company in the USA” that’s all you really have to do is go. Scroll down there have some other options here for targeting. If you want to enter your locations, the language you can use but not really necessary. Because you just want to get ideas and click on get ideas.

Google adwords Keyword Research Tools

That takes us to the search results page. Now, this loads up, and as you can see average monthly searches. This gives you search volume, the competition and this has to do with advertising.

This can give you an idea of how valuable a keyword is for you. It’s give you an idea of how much cost to advertise for this keyword.

Now the most important thing to show you is relevance. They show you the keywords by relevance. These are the keywords here.

There are other keywords that you can use and you can look at the average monthly search to get an idea of how popular the keyword. You can also look at the suggested bid to see how much advertisers are willing to pay for a keyword. You should find some keywords that would not pay much by Keyword Research Tools.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tools

Another Keyword Research Tools is ubersuggest that 100% free, You can also use that one as well.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tools

So if you have any questions feel free to contact me or comment below please.

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